Modest Staircase in Weybridge by Nicholas Taylor

The new atrium in this house in Weybridge will be very dramatic, with the vertical scale of the house emphasised through the full height opening, the natural light washing the space from the rooflight at the top and the 1st and 2nd floor mezzanine landings.

So, the staircase doesn't need to shout too loudly to make a statement. This video shows how the modest, timber staircase climbs the space, wrapping itself around the grey brick clad walls. This will be an exercise in shadow gaps, soft recessed LED strip lighting and junction detailing.

braaiBOX Table/Bench almost complete... by Nicholas Taylor

Looking forward to seeing our bespoke ottoman bench and tidy-away table installed in our latest braaiBOX. The design allows for storage of braai pots, pans, crockery etc under the seat and maximises floorspace by folding away into an alcove when not being used. Workshop production almost complete....