Hook Rise North by Nicholas Taylor

This single storey rear extension in Surrey is about to go in for planning. This house had already been extended to the side at first floor level, but strangely the rear of the property, where the generous garden offers a sanctuary from the busy A-road nearby had been completely neglected. This proposal aims to reverse the current living arrangement, moving the living room to the rear, connecting the habitable rooms to the kitchen and pointing everything toward the rear garden.

Photographer's Studio in Weybridge by Nicholas Taylor

We're excited to share the first photos of this freedomBOX in Weybridge, Surrey - a photographer's studio for Zelda Meyburgh.

Zelda wanted two studios, with one allowing as much natural daylight as possible penetrating through and the other as a darker, more controllable space. There was also a need for everyday garden storage and WC facilities, so we divided the allocated plot into 3 separate areas and allowed the building to express each element, using form and cladding.

The studio is sunk down 900mm into the ground, reducing the overall height of the building from the outside whilst allowing larger volumes inside for the photography.

Looking from the main studio through to the ancillary studio.

Looking from the ancillary studio through to the main studio.

Early diagrammatic sketch.

braaiBOX - Weybridge, Surrey by imby3

It's been a busy summer, with some great new projects and here is one of the first fruits to near completion, or ripen, to follow the analogy through. This is an all year, all weather entertaining space and BBQ area, ideal for hosting friends in the finest of summer conditions, typically wet bank holidays or freezing winters.

Braai exterior.

Braai interior.

Braai interior

Studio imby3 - Perforated Skin by imby3

We've been developing the design for the front elevation to our new freedomBOX studio and the perforated metal panels shown below solve a number of issues. Firstly, they provide a translucent skin, allowing light into the studio whilst maintaining privacy and secondly, they provide a  decorative mural from the exterior.

Front Elevation

The perforated metal panels are set back 200mm into the timber hood and can be opened like concertina doors. Behind them, set back another 800mm is a full height glazed wall, providing the real envelope of the studio.

We're really looking forward to developing this further. Stay tuned for updates....

freedomBOX - Photographer's Studio and Braai Images by imby3

Here are a few images showing further design development for this Surrey garden. An all year, all weather braai (barbecue) can be very important for a South African client. When construction of this freedomBOX is completed in March there will always be an option for barbecue steak, regardless of rain, hail or snow.  

Part two of this project sees the development of the Photography studio at the far end of the garden, also set for completion in March. Stay posted for updates...

Whole Rear Garden from house (braai in the foreground)

Braai Area

Photography Studio, Sunken Entrance

Photographer's Studio at Ground Level

Birch Cladding to Roof and Walls, Detail with Shadow Gaps

Studio Night View

Braai area, Interior

freedomBOX - Photographer's Studio in Surrey by imby3


Construction for this Photographer's studio in Surrey is set for March 2013. When complete it will provide a large, bright studio for capturing portraits with natural daylight, an ancillary studio for darker, more intimate shots, changing facilities and storage space. 

Slide House! by imby3

I'm still searching the BS Approved Docs to see if this is legal or not. I think I'm missing my page for house slides.

Planning Approval at Chalfont Way by imby3

Planning permission was granted this week for proposals at Chalfont Way.


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Planning Approval at Whim Cottage by imby3

Planning permission was granted this week by Elmbridge Borough Council for proposals at Whim Cottage.



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