This studio is designed for Zelda Meyburgh (, a photographer specialising in newborns and family portraits. Zelda wanted two studios, with one allowing as much natural daylight as possible penetrating through and the other as a darker, more controllable space. There was also a need for everyday garden storage and WC facilities, so we divided the allocated plot into 3 separate areas and allowed the building to express each element, using form and cladding.

The main studio space in the centre is mostly glazed, with a darker ancillary studio leading off to the right, combined with a changing area and WC facilities. The taller structure to the left is for garden storage.

The studio is sunk down 900mm into the ground, reducing the overall height of the building from the outside whilst allowing larger volumes inside for the photography.

Looking through tho the ancillary studio and WC from the main studio.

Looking through to the main studio from the ancillary studio.

Conceptual diagram.

Early sketch design.

Early sketch design.